Grow your coaching business with a website as exceptional as you are

Build a credible, conversion-focused website that shows your ideal client exactly how you can help them.

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have your website reflect the caliber of your coaching with Jennie Lakenan
You are who Google says you are

Have your website reflect the caliber of your coaching

Hi there, I’m Jennie. I design beautiful, streamlined websites that showcase your unique and exceptional ability to help your clients.

When I found coaching, I thought I’d start a coaching business. But then I realized that so many coaches didn’t have websites that accurately reflected the quality of coaching they offer. I decided that needed to change, and I would be the one to change it.

There are two ways to build your website

Which one works best for you?


Looking to get your online presence set up?

The Website Kit for Coaches course will help you. No endless hours watching YouTube tutorials involved. It’s easier than you think!


Want to save yourself time by hiring an expert?

If you're an established coach ready to uplevel your online presence, but don't want to do it yourself, I can help.

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