10 Essential Elements for a High-Converting Freebie

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The Life Coach's Tech Roadmap

The only 5 pieces of tech a coach needs to set up an online business without overwhelm.

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It’s Jennie Lakenan, certified life coach & consultant for your web design strategy needs. Over the last handful of years I’ve designed dozens of websites for coaches. My mission is to get more coaching into the world and help elevate the quality of life of humans at large by delivering expert custom website design and strategy to coaches.

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The Life Coach's Tech Roadmap

The only 5 pieces of tech a coach needs to set up an online business without overwhelm.

Offering a high-quality freebie to your audience can persuade even the most skeptical person that you’re the right coach for them. However, a mistake many coaches make isn’t just offering a low-quality freebie — it’s not offering a freebie at all.

The power of a high-converting freebie.

Giveaways are one of the most powerful marketing tools in your arsenal. And although you might feel you are putting a lot of time and effort into something you are not being paid for, the benefits are huge:

  • 90% of people remember the name and logo on a quality freebie
  • 83% are more likely to work with the business in future
  • 82% are left with a positive impression
  • 79% go on to research the brand
  • 52% are likely to keep the freebie when it is good quality

Proof, if needed, that freebies are more than worth the time and effort.

The 10 essential elements for a high-converting freebie

If the statistics above have whet your appetite, here are my top ten tips for creating your very own high-converting freebie:

1. Solve one specific problem

Your freebie is not the place to show potential clients how extensive your knowledge is. You provide more value by helping readers solve one very specific problem.

2. Know your audience — and what they want

Like with all marketing, the better you know your customer, the better prepared you are to speak to their desires and needs. Your freebie needs to show your audience you understand them and know how to help them.

3. Establish yourself as an authority in your field

Use your freebie to show potential customers you are an expert they can trust. But remember, you only really have to be one step ahead of your audience to be of value to them.

4. Keep it bite-sized and easy to digest

A freebie is meant to entice people to the next step of your sales funnel. If your freebie takes longer than 10-12 minutes to read, it’s too long and needs editing down ASAP.

Remember, quality is always better than quantity.

5. Give the reader a quick and easy win

Don’t try to solve your customer’s deepest need with your freebie. Instead, give them steps, tips, and strategies to overcome a real obstacle they can solve right away.

When you do, you make a connection.

6. Always show the reader what ‘success’ looks like

Your freebie needs to show the reader their desired outcome, from the title and content to the call to action. They downloaded your freebie to solve a problem, so help them solve it  — then remind them what success looks like.

7. Have a title that catches the potential client’s attention

The title of your freebie is the first (and perhaps, only) opportunity to catch the eye of your potential client. Don’t use boring, generic, or jargony language. Instead, speak to the benefits people hope to achieve.

8. Make the lead magnet ‘scannable’

People don’t read every word. They scan — especially when reading on a screen. So make your freebie easily scannable by using subheadlines, bold text, and callout boxes.

Also, encourage your potential customers to print it out and read it. We take in more information when we read on paper than on a screen. Plus, it gives them more incentive to read it.

9. Don’t be afraid to give away your best stuff

You want your freebie to make readers think, “Wow, if this is what they are giving away for FREE, imagine how much I’ll benefit when I hire them!

You definitely won’t lose business by providing your best value to potential clients.

10. Always include a direct call-to-action

You offer potential customers a freebie so you can draw them down your sales funnel. But they won’t take the next step unless you ask them to do it.

Always call your readers to action so they’ll take that next step – whether that’s by asking them to book a call, send an email, or find out more.

Want this blog post as a handy cheatsheet?

I’ve created a free download that summarizes the 10 Essential Elements of a High-Converting Freebie in one place, handy for you to save for your next freebie project.

Click here to download the cheatsheet.

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