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Website Photography: What to wear for website photos

Keep reading for my take on what outfits work well for website photos, and a few foibles to avoid when considering what to wear. You’re prepping to have headshot photos taken for your new website, and you have an idea of what your branding and overall website look and feel will be. Or, perhaps you’re

Woman taking a video with a smart phone

Video Marketing: How to use value videos to sell

In this post you’ll learn how to use a value video on your website to position yourself with website leads. If you do this video marketing right, they’ll be ready to buy before they ever pick up the phone to talk to you. You want to use your website to create rapport with potential clients.

Google page hinting at SEO for life coaches

SEO for Life Coaches | Does a life coach need an SEO strategy?

In this post, I’m going to share with you all about SEO for life coaches. You’ll understand when you might consider implementing an SEO strategy when you’re just starting out as a life coach. And you’ll also get some insight into when you might think about implementing a different digital strategy. AND I’m going to

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How to Send Weekly Newsletters: Send regular newsletters to your list

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to send weekly newsletters consistently to your list using my recommended email marketing service. how to send weekly newsletters You know you want to be sending out regular emails to your list, but you aren’t exactly sure how to go about. Your email marketing service dashboard feels foreign and

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