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11 ideas for your coaching Instagram so you always know what to post

It’s that time again. Your designated slot to sit down and create the coming week’s worth of Instagram content for your coaching account. But as your fingers hit the keyboard, your brain is blank. You might have an idea or two, but coming up with a post for every day this coming week? It seems

Why a coaching website is useless without lead capture forms

You know that having a good looking coaching website will help increase credibility with your potential clients. And you also know that capturing website leads is a thing you should think about doing. But what you don’t realize is that there isn’t much point to building a website for your life coaching business unless you’re

What’s a good number of visitors to your life coaching website?

What’s a good amount of visitor traffic for a life coach’s website? And how can you know whether your current traffic numbers are on the right trajectory to grow your business? These are common questions I get from my coaching clients when consulting with them about their websites. It’s understandable. You want to know you’re

How to securely give your developer access to your WordPress website

Your developer needs access to your WordPress website. But you feel a little uncomfortable handing over your personal user information. Perhaps your WordPress account shares login info with other secure accounts and despite your trust to hire them, you don’t really want to share those details with your developer. (Tip: if you are ready to

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