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How to Install a Facebook Pixel On Your Coaching Website in 3 Easy Steps

In this post, you’ll learn how to create a new Facebook Pixel and add it to your WordPress website. No code knowledge required, I promise!  You’re ready, you’ve done it. You have a website, you have an awesome freebie offer. You’ve offered that freebie to your audience via platforms like social media and word of

A spiral staircase is like scaling a business

Scaling a Business: Lessons Learned from a Business Scaling Event

This past week I went to a business growth event. It was targeted toward design and development agencies, but I found some hidden gems about scaling a business past solopreneurship that I know will be perfect for my life coach audience. I want to share them with you. Right now you’re likely in the depths

Woman shrugging about web developer vs consultant

Web Developer vs Consultant: What’s The DIfference?

I often get asked why I don’t call myself a web developer vs a consultant. After all, both a consultant and a developer work on websites, right? So what’s the difference? Read on to hear my answer. (If you’ve read my post on hiring overseas freelance help, you’ll have an idea of where this post

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