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Woman shrugging about web developer vs consultant

Web Developer vs Consultant: What’s The DIfference?

I often get asked why I don’t call myself a web developer vs a consultant. After all, both a consultant and a developer work on websites, right? So what’s the difference? Read on to hear my answer. (If you’ve read my post on hiring overseas freelance help, you’ll have an idea of where this post

Website Maintenance | How to Know When to Outsource Your Website Care

In this post, you’ll learn what’s involved with website care, and why it’s important to regularly care for your website. First, let’s make one thing very clear. Website care plans are not right for everyone who owns a website. But I’ll get into that in a minute. First, I want you to understand what website

WAIT! Before you take website headshots, be sure to read this

You’ve probably dealt with blurry photos before. You go to a site like Snapfish to order your holiday photos. After you upload them, an annoying little  often pops up warning you that the resolution is too low. Low resolution just means that the image isn’t in sharp enough detail to print because of the low file size

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