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How to use the zero moment of truth to market your coaching business

The dreaded day has arrived – the one where you routinely sit down and review your marketing statistics. You look at your low email open rate or your lack of scheduled consults, and you groan. “Why aren’t people connecting with me?” you think. “What am I missing that is keeping my ideal client from wanting

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Life Coach Website Photography: A Guide to Crisp, Clear Website Headshots

Do you often encounter the vexing issue of blurry website photos? You’re not alone. When uploading holiday snaps to platforms like Snapfish, a frustrating warning about low resolution may spring up. This warning essentially means your image isn’t sharp enough to print due to a low file size. This annoying problem isn’t just confined to

How to Use WordPress for Podcasting

Awhile back I posted on Instagram about why I love WordPress for coaches. One of the reasons I love it is because it’s so scalable — which means once you’re ready to do something like start a group program or launch a podcast, it can support that growth. Someone commented on that post and asked,

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Bounce Rate 101: A Coach’s Guide to Improving Website Performance

As a coach, you probably already know that you need a strong online presence to reach and interact with your target audience. Did you know there’s a number that can tell you how well your website keeps people interested and brings them back? This number is called “bounce rate.” What is bounce rate? How does a

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Website Popup Examples for Coaches: How to Market with Pop-ups

Popups. The word alone is enough to make most people feel a little bit irritated. And it won’t surprise you to learn that most coaches I talk to are skeptical about using popups for marketing on their websites. But here’s the thing: sites that use popups consistently outperform those that don’t. So, if you’re not

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Color Psychology for Coaches: A Guide to Using Color in Marketing

Have you ever stopped to think about the role that color plays in your marketing strategy? It might seem like a small detail, but color psychology actually has a huge impact on how your target audience perceives and interacts with your coaching business. In fact, one study showed that up to 90% of quick judgments

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Are blog posts still relevant in 2023?

Keeping up with the latest market trends can be a real headache. Over the last decade, marketing has exploded from updating a simple business blog to keeping on top of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and, now, TikTok. And that’s before you even consider podcasting. There are so many different ways to interact with your audience;

6 different languages of saying thank you

4 Strategies for a Powerful Thank You Page

When creating an opt-in page for a freebie on your website, something many people forget to put effort into is a great ‘Thank You’ page. Sure, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t, but when you’re trying to win clients, a warm thank you goes a long way to winning them over.