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Lara Johnson, Life Coach for Accountant's Wives

New Website for Lara Johnson: The Consolidated Life

In this post, you’ll learn what went into creating a new website for Lara Johnson, certified life coach through the Life Coach School. The Website Brief Hopeful. That was the emotion that Lara Johnson wanted her ideal client to feel the moment her home screen loaded. Even before beginning life coaching certification, Lara knew she

How to pick a marketing email service for your coaching business

Email marketing, copywriting, landing pages, automation… These are all concepts you’re learning about as you set up your website and start building your coaching business. Email marketing is a huge component of a successful website and business. In fact, 75% of business owners stated that they use email marketing as part of their business growth tactics. But

11 ideas for your coaching Instagram so you always know what to post

It’s that time again. Your designated slot to sit down and create the coming week’s worth of Instagram content for your coaching account. But as your fingers hit the keyboard, your brain is blank. You might have an idea or two, but coming up with a post for every day this coming week? It seems

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