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Woman shrugging about web developer vs consultant

Web Developer vs Consultant: What’s The DIfference?

I often get asked why I don’t call myself a web developer vs a consultant. After all, both a consultant and a developer work on websites, right? So what’s the difference? Read on to hear my answer. (If you’ve read my post on hiring overseas freelance help, you’ll have an idea of where this post

Jennie Lakenan with Jody Moore at Better Than Happy Live

Lessons Learned from Better Than Happy Live

In this post I’m going to share my lessons learned from Better Than Happy Live. It’s a live event hosted by Jody Moore, powerhouse coach, podcaster, and business woman. I hope that my takeaways will be useful to you, too, as you navigate your life and as a coach and business owner. Jody hosted this

Lara Johnson, Life Coach for Accountant's Wives

New Website for Lara Johnson: The Consolidated Life

In this post, you’ll learn what went into creating a new website for Lara Johnson, certified life coach through the Life Coach School. The Website Brief Hopeful. That was the emotion that Lara Johnson wanted her ideal client to feel the moment her home screen loaded. Even before beginning life coaching certification, Lara knew she

Why a coaching website is useless without lead capture forms

You know that having a good looking coaching website will help increase credibility with your potential clients. And you also know that capturing website leads is a thing you should think about doing. But what you don’t realize is that there isn’t much point to building a website for your life coaching business unless you’re

three people on a train platform looking at their phones

How to use the zero moment of truth to connect with your people

The dreaded day has arrived – the one where you routinely sit down and review your marketing statistics. You look at your low contact rate or your lack of social media interaction, and you groan. “Why aren’t people connecting with me?” you think. “What am I missing that is keeping my ideal client from wanting

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