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How to pick a marketing email service for your coaching business

Email marketing, copywriting, landing pages, automation. These are all concepts you learn about as you start your coaching business and build your website. Email marketing is a huge component of a successful website and business. In fact, 75% of business owners say they use email marketing as part of their business growth tactics. But you

Why every coach needs a password manager

Why every coach needs a password manager

When you think about keeping your details secure online, you might think about firewalls and virus checkers. And that’s understandable, but something you might not consider is a Password Manager. What is a Password Manager? A password manager is an app on your computer, phone, or tablet that allows you to save and store all

Where to host your coaching website

So, you’ve built your coaching website. Or, if you’ve hired someone to build it for you, they’re ready to upload the finished product and go live. But before that happens, you need to pick a web host. And if you aren’t sure how hosting works, then it’s likely you won’t know which hosting company you

How to use heat maps to make your coaching website better

We’ve all checked our visitor stats to see how many people are reading our website. But the joy of a spike in traffic is pretty short-lived when no email arrives from a potential client inquiring about our services. When that happens, it’s natural to ask: “What are they looking for, and why haven’t they contacted

My Website Build Process

The first time I chat with a new client, they are usually full of questions about my approach: When will I see what you’re working on? How often will I hear from you? Do I just see my website when it’s all done? What do you need from me? Because you might have similar questions,

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How to Solve Any Coach Website Problem: Become a Master Googler

In this post, you’ll learn how to use Google to solve any technology problem you might come across as you grow your coaching business and build your website. Why Googling Matters I once heard an experienced software developer jokingly call himself a “Senior Googler.” I laughed at the comment at the time, but in all

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