11 Fabulous Coaching Websites to Inspire You (Organized By Niche)

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The Life Coach's Tech Roadmap

The only 5 pieces of tech a coach needs to set up an online business without overwhelm.

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It’s Jennie Lakenan, certified life coach & consultant for your web design strategy needs. Over the last handful of years I’ve designed dozens of websites for coaches. My mission is to get more coaching into the world and help elevate the quality of life of humans at large by delivering expert custom website design and strategy to coaches.

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The Life Coach's Tech Roadmap

The only 5 pieces of tech a coach needs to set up an online business without overwhelm.

During my time as a web designer for coaches, I’ve learned that there are a few things that make a coaching website effective at making sales and booking consults.

In this post, I’ll share a list of 11 coach websites that work well, organized by niche.

At the end, I’ll also share 5 strategies you can implement to make your site standout like these coaching websites do.

The Best Coaching Websites to Inspire Your Own

Click any link below to jump to that specific niche:

  1. Weightloss and Health Coaching
  2. Relationship Coaching
  3. General Life Coaching
  4. Money Coaching
  5. Career Coaching
  6. Business Coaching
  7. Leadership Coaching
  8. Young Adult & Teen Coaching
  9. Declutter & Organization Coaching
  10. Productivity Coaching
  11. Parenting Coaching

Best Weightloss and Health Coaching Website

Corinne Crabtree Website Screenshot


What’s great about it: Corinne Crabtree is the weightloss coach for women who want to lose weight for the last time. Her site portrays the contribution she’s made to the world with dozens of raving client testimonials. The design is simple, the message is clear, with all the call to actions encouraging you to take her free course and join her email list. Corinne’s tone is direct and no-nonsense yet delivered with warmth, a style that’s reflected in her website’s straightforward and focused design.

More great health coaching websites:

Best Relationship Coaching Website

Sonia Wright Website Screenshot


What’s great about it: Sonia Wright provides sex coaching for women in midlife. Her site design is vibrant, lively, with a design that relates to what she coaches on (sex and intimacy) in a classy way without being too in your face or literal. Her podcast, The Midlife Sex Coach for Women Podcast, shares authoritative value that positions Sonia as an expert while giving tons of value to her audience. And don’t miss the name of her signature program — it’s a memorable one!

More great relationship coaching websites:

Best General Life Coaching Website

Tonya Leigh Website Screenshot


What’s great about it: Tonya Leigh markets herself as a guide and coach for women who want to live a better life and feel fabulous while they do it. Tonya’s positioning is definitely one of guiding you through your life as if it were a fabulous trip to France. Her exuberance and passion for life is a huge part of the content, and is well-reflected by the design of her site. Not only that, but she portrays media features like Oprah and Forbes clearly on her homepage, which definitely ups the trust factor for anyone who’s new to Tonya’s world.

More great general life coaching websites:

4. Ramit Sethi

Best Money Coaching Website

Ramit Sethi Website Screenshot


What’s great about it: I simply love how clear and bold the design of this site is. Ramit Sethi isn’t shy about showcasing trust factors like media features and client testimonials. Also, he gives a ton of free value on his blog, which is a great strategy for any coach whether new or seasoned like Ramit. The design is clean while being bold and no-fuss. It matches the grit and straightforward approach that he utilizes in his own coaching material.

More great money coaching websites:

5. Kristen Boss

Best Career Coaching Website

Kristen Boss Website Screenshot


What’s great about it: Kristen Boss is a business coach for network marketers, teaching them how to market with purpose, authenticity, and service. The design of the site is modern, feminine, and beautiful, which perfectly compliments Kristen’s message. I’ve followed her on Instagram for a long time now because I enjoy her fresh and funny approach to business and marketing. Her site gives a slightly more polished version of that humor, but still exudes Kristen’s voice in the copy and photos (sequined top, anyone?).

More great career coaching websites:

6. Kara Gaisie

Best Business Coaching Website

Kara Gaisie Website Screenshot


What’s great about it: Kara Gaisie is a business coach for coaches who want to leave their six-figure corporate jobs without sacrificing their lifestyle. Her site stands out with a bold geometric design that subtly compliments her stellar photography and font choices. Also, she’s intentional with the welcoming verbiage she uses across the site, inviting visitors to “Book Your Interest Call.” She talks about her program on the “Work With Me” page, yes. This approach subtly shifts the focus from making an immediate commitment to simply taking the first step. For your own site, adopting this strategy on your “Work With Me” page can increase the likelihood of visitors booking this initial call, creating a smoother, less pressured pathway to engagement.

More great business coaching websites:

7. Mel Robbins

Best Leadership Coaching Website

Mel Robbins Website Screenshot


What’s great about it: Mel Robbins is a leadership and motivation coach and world-renowned speaker and podcaster. I love the use of yellow on her site. If you don’t know, every color has a specific psychology and emotion tied to it. You can make use of this on your website to help evoke certain emotions in your visitors. For example, yellow is a color of happiness and joy. Mel uses this to excellent effect on her website buttons. Yellow also has the bonus effect of being a very eye-catching color, making it more likely a visitor will see and click on the calls to action on her site!

More great leadership coaching websites:

8. Joey Mascio

Best Young Adult & Teen Coaching Website

Joey Mascio Website Screenshot


What’s great about it: Joey Mascio is a coach for teens with traditional values. I love the branding he chose on his site — it’s vibrant, fun, while still being relatable and not gimmicky. Also, he clearly portrays photos from speaking events he’s been at, selfie-style, which is a fun way to do “speaking” style photos that still feel relatable to parents and their teens. Also, he has a gamified coaching app for teens that he displays front and center on his website, which I think is just such an awesome approachable offer to introduce interested teens to coaching in a low-key way.

More great young adult & teen coaching websites:

9. Shira Gill

Best Declutter & Organization Coaching Website

Shira Gill Website Screenshot


What’s great about it: Shira Gill is an organizing expert, bestselling author, and featured speaker, helping women edit and organize and simplify everything to live a better life. One thing I love about her site is how she encourages you to join her email list community, which is actually a Substack filled with extremely valuable content. I admire the way she’s utilized the Substack platform to build a paid membership that she can then invite to work with her in higher-touch capacities.

More great declutter & organization coaching websites:

10. David Allen

Best Productivity Coaching Website

David Allen Website Screenshot


What’s great about it: David Allen is a productivity expert and the author of Getting Things Done, helping us all accomplish more in our lives with ease and elegance. One thing I love about this site is that he utilizes the Hero Formula at the top of the homepage. The Hero Formula is simply the combination of a button, a sentence or two of subtext, and a button, to great effect. It introduces clearly what he does in the headline, gives a little bit more context in the subtext, and then calls the visitor to action with a button. It’s the most effective way to layout content in the top section of your website.

More great productivity coaching websites:

11. Heather Frazier

Best Parenting Coaching Website

Heather Frazier Website Screenshot


What’s great about it: Heather is a coach for parents who want to create a better relationship with their teen. What I love about her site is that she advertises her book at the very top in a minimal but prominent top bar. If you’ve published or plan to publish a book, making sure to link it clearly on your site is really helpful to building trust and authority. It helps visitors see that you know what you’re talking about, and who knows, maybe they’ll buy your book!

More great parenting coaching websites:

What makes a coaching website effective?

Here are my top 5 strategies for an impactful coaching website, making it more likely visitors will take the actions on your site that you want them to take:

1. Your messaging is clear

Using clear messaging is the biggest factor to make sure that your coaching website works. If your messaging isn’t clear, then it doesn’t matter how great your design is. Visitors won’t take action to opt-in to your email list or book a call. To have great messaging, be clear on the website about who you help (i.e. parents of teens) and how you can help them (i.e. with 1-1 coaching and support). This makes it more likely that your copy will resonate and attract the type of client you’re able to help.

2. You have friendly, approachable photos

I talked earlier in this post about the Hero Formula (as in, using a headline, subtext, and button in the top section of your website).

While the Hero Formula is useful, it’s even more impactful when combined with a friendly, approachable photo of you as the coach. You’ll notice many of the sites I included in this post use a photo of the coach at the very top of the site.

I find that especially for a personal brand, having a picture of you front and center on the site helps to build trust.

People connect with other people. Using a photo of you front and center on your site helps visitors feel a personal connection with you and makes it more likely they’ll take action.

3. You have a valuable opt-in

If you look at the sites I listed in this post, you’ll find that the majority offer some kind of valuable free opt-in, like a PDF or video, to encourage visitors to enter their name and email and get added to the coach’s email list.

That’s because people have to interact with us sometimes dozens of times before they pull the trigger to work with us.

And adding touch points and interactions via email as a way the visitor is seeing your content ups the chances that they’ll remember you and choose to work with you someday.

4. You give away free content

On your site, it’s helpful if you have some sort of free content in the form of a blog, podcast, or ongoing videos that you publish regularly.

For example, there have been a number of times I’ve had coaches tell me that they’ve gotten lost down the rabbit hole of my blog for hours, researching questions and finding helpful answers to help them grow their business.

This builds a relationship with that coach who might choose to work with me later, or recommend me to a friend who could use my services.

You can achieve this level of helpfulness on your site, too, if you publish regular blog, podcast, or video content that visitors can consume, get to know you better, and be ready to work with you eventually.

5. You include a way to schedule

Typically, coaches are selling coaching with some kind of free consultation or free coaching session.

If this is true for your business, then it’s important to have the main call to action on your site be to schedule that call using an appointment scheduling tool.

That means you’ll place buttons in primary areas on your site that the visitor can click and go to a page where they can schedule a call on your calendar self-serve style.

This helps reduce friction at the point where they’ve made a decision to book, making it more likely they’ll actually complete the booking and show up to the call.

Hand off the coaching website creation — spend your time coaching instead

I’ve designed websites for multi-million dollar coaching businesses like Corinne Crabtree and Jody Moore, and I’d love to help you, too.

If you’re looking to partner with an expert to build your first or redesign an existing site, then click to learn more about my custom website design for coaches.

If you’re just getting started with your coaching website and you need a DIY option to keep costs low, then check out the Website Kit for Coaches course.

No matter where you are in business, I can help!

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