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What if you could increase the conversions on your website to start bringing in consistent clients this very quarter?

Learn the conversion tactics that have worked for over 5 years with hundreds of coaches to help them sign more clients using their website.

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“The sales pages that Jennie has designed have created multiple, multiple six figures in my business. I’ve had over 6 six-figure launches using these sales pages; I’ve invested in my website and it is worth its weight for sure!”

Jamie Berman


"My website hadn’t had major updates for a couple of years and it no longer felt aligned with my business. The website build process was smooth, even with a tight timeline and last-minute changes. Jennie also worked well with my team and many issues were resolved without me even needing to get involved. I'm ecstatic with the end product!"

Krista St-Germain


"Jennie understands my business model and she comes up with beautiful designs, beautiful content, and better ideas than I could. This has really kept me coming back to her and her team over and over again to help keep improving things that I want to accomplish in my business."

Sherry Price


You're an exceptional coach, but your website doesn’t reflect that.

You’ve gotten this far in your business by piecing the tech together, and it’s worked. Your business is expanding, and you’ve got fabulous clients and a growing audience.

But you know at this point, your pieced-together website and lack of clear design direction and clean flow is causing you to lose people.

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You could continue to run your business as you have been doing

Making do with a lackluster website that your assistant struggles to update…

(after all, done is better than perfect)

But then you have to deal with the downsides...

Or you could have a website that feels like home

My team’s custom website and brand design services include everything you need to show up looking extraordinary online, with the least amount of hassle and stress on your end.

Our clients say that we’re some of the first contractors that actually get them and help them feel seen, heard, and able to represent what they want in the world with ease.


You are who Google says you are

Have your website reflect the caliber of your coaching

I’m Jennie Lakenan, certified life coach and website designer.

I build premium websites for incredible coaches like Corinne Crabtree, Jody Moore, and Krista St-Germain. I’ve created everything from simple 5-page websites to complex membership portals.

When I found coaching, I thought I’d start a coaching business. But then I realized that so many coaches didn’t have websites that accurately reflected the quality of coaching they offer. I decided that needed to change, and I would be the one to change it.

My goal is to get as much coaching out into the world as possible, and I do that by designing beautiful, streamlined websites that showcase your unique and exceptional ability to help your clients.