Website Kit for Coaches

A short, easy course teaching new coaches how to create a simple website that attracts your first clients.

Watch this to learn the kind of website you can build with this course!

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"I just used this kit and set up a new website in two days. Super easy, super thorough directions, and not so much info that it overwhelms you."

Kim Job

Systems & Soul Stories Coach
getting your coaching business off the ground

You are who Google says you are

Getting your coaching business off the ground is no small task. 

There’s a lot on your plate when you’re first starting out. Figuring out niches, offers, and believing in your own value as you adopt this new identity as a coach can feel like a lot.

I’ll be the first to tell you you don’t need a website to sign clients, but it does help you gain credibility and confidence as you launch your business. 

Thankfully, building your first website can be easy and quick with the framework I’ve created. In fact, you can create your website in a weekend.

I know exactly how life-changing coaching can be for your clients

I’m Jennie Lakenan, certified life coach and website designer.

I build premium websites for incredible coaches like Jody Moore, Aimee Gianni, and Mark Butler. I’ve created everything from simple 5-page websites to complex membership portals.

Through that work, I’ve seen the need for a super simple framework for coaches newer to the online game to create a website they can be proud of quickly and easily.

Because you don’t need a fancy website to get your coaching business going. All you need is a simple online presence that helps the people who need your help to find you faster.

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My mission is to get as much coaching into the world as possible

You could spend dozens of hours watching random YouTube tutorials and piecing together a basic website for free. But I believe your time is worth more than that. So I created this course where after watching 7 snappy modules, you’ll have your first solid website up and running with zero head-to-keyboard smashing.

an open notebook and a pen for writing important notes about web design

This course is for you if:

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"I wanted a website that is simple, easy to navigate and most of all easy to create. The course easily guided me through each module, answered questions and spoke so SIMPLY! The website I created makes me look fabulous!"

Jackie S.

Midlife Coach

What you’ll learn in this course:

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Module 1

Your Website Why

In this module, I’ll explain exactly why a Kit Website is valuable for any coach who wants to create their own simple online presence.

Creating a new website can be a daunting process. In this module, I coach you through any overwhelm you might be feeling while beginning the website creation process. You’ll leave feeling confident you can create the result you want.

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Module 2

How to Pick a Domain

Time to take the first step in creating your website, which is to purchase your domain name! You’ll learn exactly what a domain name is in module 2.

We’ll go over some best practices to consider when purchasing one, and I’ll also answer some common questions I get asked about picking a domain.

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Module 3

How to Set Up Hosting

In module 3, we’ll take the next step in setting up your website which is to pick a website host and purchase a hosting plan with them. I’ll give you a few web hosting options so you can pick one that fits well with your budget.

You’ll also learn how to connect your domain name with your web host so you can install WordPress and get your site ready to edit.

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Module 4

WordPress Setup

In module 4, you’ll learn how to set a solid foundation for your site by personalizing your WordPress settings.

You’ll also choose and upload to your site a Website Kit from the pre-designed options that are available to you as part of the course. Your site will look clean and professional without the need for you to design a thing.

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Module 5

Content Creation

Before you can further customize your site, you need to create its content!

I’ll give you my content worksheet and prompts so you know exactly how to write the content for your website.

You’ll also set up the other pieces of software (like a scheduling service) that will systemize your website to create as much ease for you as possible.

customization day icon
Module 6

Customization Day!

You’re finally ready to start customizing your pre-designed Website Kit and make the site your own! This might be my favorite module.

I’ll show you step-by-step how to edit your website to add all your content to get the site ready to share with the world.

launch checklist icon
Module 7

Launch Checklist

In module 7, I’ll run you through the launch checklist to make sure everything is working properly so your site is ready to share with the world.

I’ll also explain the importance of website care so you can keep your site up and running for your audience to visit.

Plus you'll get these bonuses!

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Bonus 1

Website Care Module

Your website is kind of like a car. It needs regular maintenance to keep it up and running for your people to visit.

In this bonus module, I’ll explain the four parts of website care and show you exactly how to implement them so your site functions smoothly long-term as your online store-front.

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Bonus 2

Online Community Group

As part of this course, you’ll get access to an online Facebook Group community for peer-support as you navigate building your website.

Even after you finish the course, this group will be a valuable resource for you as technology questions arise in your business!

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"LOVE this module. I feel like I'm getting somewhere. It is incredibly well organized. Love this so much. You are very thorough, detailed, and understanding of how to convey all the steps and I am 100% here for all of that!"

Valerie C.

Life and Business Coach

Here are a few of the Website Kits you can choose from in this course

Hover on any of the images below to view more.

The Allanna Kit

The Stella Kit

The Harvey Kit

The Margo Kit

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"This course will help so many coaches! I think you've taken the overwhelm out of it, which honestly astonishes me given how complicated a WordPress site can be. Happy to recommend this course!"

Ksenia B.

Gen X Coach

Create a beautiful, simple online presence to attract your ideal client.



Read these if you still have questions

What kind of website will the course help me to create?

This course will teach you how to create a Kit Website, which is a simple but powerful one-page website that facilitates scheduling, list-building, and building trust with visitors.

Here are a few coaches who have used this course to create their websites:


Will this course teach me how to add a blog to my site?

The website the Kit shows you how to build is modular, so you can absolutely add on a blog or additional pages later.

How to add on the blog or more pages is beyond the scope of the course, however. I don’t show how to do it as part of the course material.

You have the option to hire me after your site is done for small projects like adding on a blog or adding more pages, if you’d rather not figure out those pieces yourself.

How many modules are in the course?
There are 7 core modules in the course plus one bonus module for a total of 8 modules.
How long will this course take?
Each of the modules is around 10 minutes in length, give or take. I’d plan to budget about an hour per module to watch the video and apply what it teaches.
What other pieces of tech should I budget for as I work through this course?

Most of the tech we’ll use in this course is free. However, you will need to buy both a domain name and web hosting in order to build your website.

It’s okay if you don’t know what a domain name or web hosting is, I’ll explain it all in the course and show you where to go to buy them. Just know ahead of time you’ll want to budget about $60/year altogether for them separate from what you spend on this course.

I already have a website, but I want to make it look better. Is this course for me?

This course is a good fit if you don’t have a website OR if you aren’t happy with your current site and you want to completely replace it with a new one.

If you already have a site and you just want to edit it, this course probably isn’t for you. The process I’ll show you will have you overriding or replacing anything you have in existence on your current site.

I’m not a coach. Is this course for me?

I designed this course for coaches, but it will be suitable for any online service-based business that uses a consult call as its first sales step and/or uses email marketing to nurture leads into clients.

Here are a few examples of other service-based businesses this course is a good fit for: virtual assistants, business consultants, digital advertising, copywriters, bookkeepers, financial advisors, photographers, and graphic designers.

I’m not a designer. Will my website look good?

Yes. You will get access to pre-designed Website Kits as part of this course that you can upload to your site and add your own content to so you don’t have to design anything.

How many Website Kit design options will I get access to in this course?

The course currently has over 15 different designed Website Kits (i.e. one-page website templates) you can use to build your website. More will be added over time.

What technology will we be using in this course?

This course will teach you how to build a website using WordPress and the Elementor page builder plugin. If you’re looking to build your website using Squarespace, Wix, or another website builder, this course isn’t going to be able to help with that. 

WordPress is what I show you how to use because it’s the most flexible and scalable of all the website builders.

I’m non-techy. What do I do if I get stuck while working through the course?
Post in the peer-support Facebook group that you get access to as part of your course purchase. Your peers will be there to help answer your questions, and so will I.
Do you offer scholarships for this course?

Yes, on a case-by-case basis. Please email course@jennielakenan.com if you would like to be considered for a scholarship, and explain why you deserve to receive access to the course for free.

Have more questions? Email course@jennielakenan.com and we will take care of you.

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"I am about half way through the modules and am so grateful for how simple and easy to understand the information is. I can't even imagine how much time I might have spent on this otherwise."

Cheryl B.

Weight Loss Coach for Nurses

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Now is the time. Your people need you.

Don’t let your fear of technology hold you back from getting your message out into the world. This course will help you!