Andrea Giles Coaching

Andrea Giles, Certified Life Coach

The Brief

Andrea got in touch with me to help her create a website that would serve as a central hub for speaking to women who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and who are dealing with infidelity in their marriage.

My Approach

I knew Andrea’s website needed to have a special look and feel to help convey her own intense experience with infidelity. It needed to feel peaceful, hopeful, like Andrea could help her ideal client find the rest she is looking for. Not only that, but the website copy needed to convey Andrea’s story effectively. 

The Result

After a few design and copy revisions, Andrea’s site became the perfect hub for her clients to hear her story, feel hope, and then contact her to set up a call.

In fact, she’s signed on new clients who simply heard about her, read her website copy, and had it resonate so strongly that they booked a call right then and there! 

Andrea's Experience

"I chose Deena and you because 1) I knew you did high quality work and 2) I trust both of you."

Ultimately I chose both of you because 1) I knew you did high quality work and 2) I trust both of you. You have a very calm demeanor that makes it easy to bounce ideas off of. You are very approachable.

I chose you because you are very professional but also very real. That’s a great balance!! With Deena, I had met her at coach business training (I met her twice the day I was leaving) and felt it was a little nudge to work with her. So glad I did!

One of the best selling points for both of you is your calm, approachable demeanor throughout the process. I never once felt silly sharing an idea with either of you. That is huge as we are all involved in a creative process together.

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