Breakup Coach Dorothy

Dorothy Johnson

Breakup Coach

Brand Design: Deena Rutter
Sales Page Design: Jennie Lakenan

Dorothy's Experience

I felt out of control with my website and I was spending HOURS just figuring out how to make due and just “get by” with what I had instead of feeling completely confident knowing a team is ensuring my website success and safety. I also knew that my sales page was “ok” pieced together the way I did it but I know I wanted that NEXT LEVEL look and feel for my end users.

What did I like about working with Jennie? So many reasons, first off, SO FAST! Everything I ask of Jennie and her team is done in record time. After the first two things were sent her way, I knew for certain without a doubt this is one of the best decisions I had ever made for my business. Jennie OVER DELIVERS times 10. So speedy, and the quality of work is TOP of the line quality. She thinks about things that I don’t even know are options which to me is pure gold.

Also, Jennie is SO KIND. I was so intimidated to meet her at first but after my first call with her I felt SO taken care of which as a CEO of your business I feel like is rare. I’m very grateful and couldn’t say enough great things about Jennie and her team.

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