Candice Toone Coaching

Certified Life Coach

Brand Design: Deena Rutter
Website Design: Jennie Lakenan

Candice's Experience

If you haven’t hired this dream team yet, stop reading this testimonial and go get it done. Seriously. This duo brought so many special touches and creative details to my absolutely gorgeous site. They proactively created products I didn’t realize I needed, but was so glad to have.

Without me even asking, they imported my logo, font and coloring into my mail service provider and set up a template with call-to-action buttons that matched my branding. They even linked my opt-in freebie in to the body of the second email in my funnel – just to make it easier for my clients to access my content. What???

Having Deena and Jennie on my team has saved me countless hours and set my confidence level sky high as I dig in to build the business I’ve always wanted. Their magic touch allowed for me to introduce my business to the world looking like an experienced coaching pro right out of the gate. I’m never letting either of them go. Ever.

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