Lee Koles

Certified Life Coach

Brand Design: Deena Rutter
Website Design: Jennie Lakenan

Lee's Experience

Jennie and Deena have a reputation for being the BEST in their field. They create beautiful websites that are intelligently designed and compelling to potential clients. I knew that it would be a time-consuming struggle for me to do this on my own, so I felt comfort and relief when I placed the future of my business into their capable hands.

They were a dream to work with: creative, insightful, patient and professional. Deena worked with me to choose the perfect look for my site – it was exhilarating to witness my vision coming to life under her informed guidance. Jennie “held my hand” and introduced me to the concepts of web hosting, web domains, email autoresponders and more.

You cannot go wrong with this top-notch duo. Do you want the website of your dreams? I confidently and enthusiastically recommend Deena and Jennie!

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