Catie Borland Coaching

Catie Borland, Certified Life Coach

The Brief

Catie came to us to help her set up an online presence that would make her coaching offer to women who want to be more confident in their relationship with themselves and others. 

My Approach

Catie’s design inspiration made it easy for me to see exactly how I would design and develop her website. She needed it to feel fun, but also peaceful and hopeful. Together we collaborated on revisions for design and copywriting, helping her convey her engaging personality to website visitors.

The Result

Catie’s website was honestly one of my favorites to create (I have a lot of favorites). She came to us for help, feeling overwhelmed by all of the moving parts of a website. We made it doable and easy for her, and now she has the perfect online presence to connect with her ideal client.

Catie's Experience

"Hiring them was the best decision I could have ever made!"

I have to tell you about this amazing duo that I hired to do my branding for my business and my website. Ya’ll, I did NOT want to spend my time and energy tring to figure out my branding and trying to figure out the website thing. I wanted to spend my time and energy working in my business and coming up with content for my clients.

Hiring them was the best decision I could have ever made! They exceeded every expectation that I had. They knew The Life Coach School and the Model, and it was such an amazing experience. I wanted something simple, but still nice looking. They walked me through it step by step, and created for me exactly what I wanted. 

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