Coaching with Krista

Certified Life Coach

Brand Design: Deena Rutter
Website Design: Jennie Lakenan

Krista's Experience

I wanted a complete overhaul of my website as it hadn’t had major updates for a couple of years and it no longer felt aligned with my business. I’d had my eye on Jennie for a couple of years, watching how she interacted with others in coaching groups and checking out the work she’d done for other coach friends. Before I paid her I knew her work was top notch and that enrolling with her would mean I was in good hands.

She did not disappoint! In fact, she over delivered! The process was smooth from start to finish, even with a somewhat tight timeline and some last-minute changes. She was organized, proactive, patient, open to feedback, and willing to make changes as required to make sure I was happy with the end product. She also worked well with my team and many issues were resolved without me even needing to get involved. I’m ecstatic with how the site looks and functions!

And as someone whose business has grown to the point that it no longer makes sense for me to try and maintain my website, I’m excited to be part of her monthly care program so that future updates and changes don’t have to occupy space in my brain! Thank you, Jennie!

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