Find Your Mind Coaching


Brand Design: Deena Rutter
Website Design: Jennie Lakenan

Amy's Experience

Jennie and Deena are a stellar combination! They listened to what I wanted in my website and branding and made it come to life in ways that exceeded my expectations.

Jennie kept me on schedule, giving invaluable feedback and guidance every step of the way. She knew how to incorporate my personal vision along with everything a life coach needs in a website. She coached me through the development process and helped me understand how everything would work together. She is the brains behind my website and impressed me with her thoroughness and know how.

Deena overcame my many last name mispronunciations with a genius logo proposal. Her creativity and insight brilliantly combined the style and colors even better than I envisioned. I love the way this A+ powerhouse team came together with their dialed in skills to nail my project in an incredibly short turn around time.

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