Heather Shuler Coaching

Heather Shuler, Certified Life Coach

The Brief

Heather Shuler’s main goal with her website was to connect with LDS moms who want to feel better and love those around them unconditionally. She had just enrolled in coaching certification, but was already actively coaching this niche and wanted to further set up shop and provide value to them with her website.

My Approach

With Heather’s busy summer schedule, I knew managing this project would be crucial for her success in creating content. From the get-go, Heather and I sat down and outlined what content would be necessary for her to create each week, from writing copy to recording videos. Breaking the work down into bite-sized chunks was extremely helpful for both of us to keep the project on track for launch.

The Result

Within six weeks of project kick-off, Heather had a beautiful website that clearly and effectively makes her coaching offer, and will grow with her as she completes certification and scales her business.

Heather's Experience

"She saved me so much time (our greatest asset) and mind drama so I could focus on my clients."

Working with Jennie was a DREAM. She is so prepared and organized and spelled out the whole process from the start. Making it as easy as possible. She saved me so much time (our greatest asset) and mind drama so I could focus on my clients while she made an incredibly beautiful and fully functioning website. 

Jennie takes care of you and helps you every step of the way. I couldn’t recommend her enough.

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