Laura Scout Coaching

Certified Life Coach

Brand Design: Deena Rutter
Website Design: Jennie Lakenan

Laura's Experience

I came to Jennie & Deena because I wanted a highly functional, beautifully designed web site that supports my clients so that they can get help feeling like a successful coach right away simply by reading the website. And they totally delivered. I am in love with this website. It is GORGEOUS, it feels like ME, and it works! People are accessing my work, learning about who I am, getting my free tips worksheet, and joining my waitlist for my next mastermind. I feel like it’s an authentic expression of who I am as a coach and a human. I stinking love it.

What did I like about working with them? Um. Everything. Jennie guided me each step of the way, answered my many questions fast and with the most relevant, helpful information, and never, ever got ruffled by my sporadic working style. She was patient as I worked through my own mind drama about the copy and responded to all of my feedback lightning fast. 

You will love your experience with them, too. But only if you love working with highly skilled, kind, effective, and lovely people who deliver exactly what they say they will.

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