Lisa Michelle Drake

Lisa Drake


Brand Design: Deena Rutter
Website Design: Jennie Lakenan

Lisa's Experience

I needed updated branding and a website to reflect who I wanted to show up as online. Jennie and Deena come highly recommended so I contacted them to learn more.

The whole process was very smooth and went faster than I anticipated. Both Jennie and Deena were extremely responsive and quick to implement what I had in mind for my site and brand. Both the regular updates and the ongoing To Do List  and schedule were the things that helped me stay accountable on my end. I really liked knowing who was doing what and when.

In fact, I firmly believe that’s how we launched the site a week earlier than planned! Excellent communication and the very high level of professionalism promised in other testimonials were spot-on in my experience too. You can truly put your worries on the back burner with Jennie and Deena!

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