My Life As An Adult With Wendy Kimber


Brand Design: Deena Rutter
Website Design: Jennie Lakenan

Wendy's Experience

I wanted a website that would express who I am, and would be appealing to the people I’m trying to reach. I wanted something that would be intuitive, informative, and would also have alot of energy.

I loved how Jennie kept me on schedule and broke this huge project down into bite sized pieces. She totally understood what I was trying to create, and helped me get there.  I am a person who generally has fun and creative ideas, but I don’t like spending time in the details.  Jennie “held my hand” through the whole process, with step by step instructions that were so thorough and doable.

I would have been completely overwhelmed if she didn’t have such a brilliant process in place, but because she specializes in working with life coaches who are building businesses, she was able to understand the vision I had.

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