Roza Rashed Al Moosafri

Life Coach & Marketing Consultant

The Brief

Roza Rashed found her way to me via a Google search for life coach web design. She was nearly done with her ICF certification and wanted to set up shop as a life coach and marketing consultant who serves other Qatari professionals.

My Approach

Roza’s motto was simplicity. We built out for her a clean, distraction-free website that made her offer and inspired her audience. Together we collaborated on branding, web design, and copywriting.

The Result

This is honestly one of my favorite designs. A special shout out to my brand designer, Deena Rutter, who designed all of the graphical elements on Roza’s site. To this day it’s one of our most praised designs. Not only that, but it’s a tool that Roza can use to make her offer to her ideal client.

Roza's Experience

"I am so thrilled to have worked with you and couldn’t have ever imagined this!"

Jennie, I am absolutely mind blown by the way you work, you had me at wow from the start to end of our contract. Your e-project management persona/skills are not only flawless, it’s super inspirational. 

The energy and detail you put into your work is something out-of-this-world. Your communications, organization, detailed video follow ups, agendas, way forwards and every in between, is truly a world-class service. Not once did I feel you we were not on the same page. I am so thrilled to have worked with you and couldn’t have ever imagined this!

Thank you forever.

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