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Brand Design: Deena Rutter
Website Design: Jennie Lakenan

Anjanette's Experience

Choosing to work with Deena and Jennie was an AMAZING decision and I’d definitely do it again! After feeling extremely frustrated and spending hundreds of dollars with other designers that couldn’t see my vision, I was referred by a friend to Deena. Working with her was so refreshing! I shared my inspiration and ideas with her and she created EXACTLY what I’d been wanting.

THIS was the design experience I’d been longing for. I felt energized and excited instead of irritated and overwhelmed. Deena produced the beautiful designs, logos, and branding I had envisioned for my coaching business. She recommended I work with Jennie for my website and I trusted her completely.

I knew I needed a website that would portray my style, personality, and positioning to my current and future clients. Jennie delivered all of that plus more! She was always honest, sincere, and helpful. Jennie offered her professional opinions while always taking into account my perspective.

My website is a beautiful, daily reminder of the JOY I experienced working with Deena and Jennie and I’ll forever be grateful for their talents in helping give my business the start I wanted it to have.

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