Sherry Price Coaching

Dr. Sherry Price, Certified Life Coach

The Brief

Sherry reached out to me after she was referred by a colleague. As a coach to successful women who want to stop overdrinking, she wanted to uplevel her online presence and redesign her website to align with that high class audience.

My Approach

Not only did the design of Sherry’s new website need to resonate with her audience, but the content also needed to feature social and logical proof. We worked together to place testimonials and overdrinking research statistics in key places on her site to help her ideal client recognize the legitimacy and value of coaching with her.

The Result

Before Sherry’s site had even launched, a key high end magazine in her area had caught wind of her program and previewed her new website. They were so impressed with her that they offered Sherry a place as the key expert on quitting overdrinking for their magazine, with key written features over the course of the next year.

That, my friends, is the value of a strategic website.

Sherry's Experience

"Jennie's ideas, knowledge, and hard work helped me take my business to an entirely different level."

I love how quickly and efficiently Jennie works. She was always right on or ahead of schedule all while going above and beyond to fulfill my requests and make my ideas come to fruition. She was quick to execute changes and answer all of my questions as well. I always felt my thoughts and ideas were heard and that everything was taken care of. She is incredibly resourceful and implemented some creative new components and tools to my site that were necessary to help my business grow.

Jennie re-built and re-designed my website along with helping me implement an entirely new marketing strategy. She researched and contributed some amazing ideas that helped me successfully launch a new program and expand my business in a major way. Her ideas, knowledge, and hard work helped me take my business to an entirely different level. My site is beautiful, professional, and well-maintained, thanks to Jennie’s talent and dedication.

Jennie is brilliant and has a wealth of knowledge, but also has the ability to explain things so that even those technologically-challenged among us can understand. She even sent me personalized, instructional videos so that I could watch to understand as she explained things clearly and succinctly.

By removing the website from my plate and taking it into her very capable hands, Jennie has made it possible for me to focus on doing what I do best in my business. I am so grateful!

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