TLC Leadership Consulting

Tracie Cornell


Website Design: Jennie Lakenan

Tracie's Experience

I reached out to Jennie for help bringing my website to life. It was such a pleasure to work with her and her team!

I recently left corporate and started my own leadership consulting/coaching practice and while I have a deep knowledge and understanding of what I do, I didn’t know much about building a website, marketing, niching, all of the things that help tell your story in your website. That’s where Jennie came in.

Her step by step process took something that I viewed as daunting and made it a reality within a short period of time! She had everything broken down and guided me through the build of my site each week. I had fun watching it all come together which I was not expecting.

In one of our calls, I told Jennie that she was the most organized person I had ever met! 😉 For anyone who describes themselves as “not very techie”, Jennie and her team are the ones to help because their method is so clear and concise, the next thing you know you have a beautiful website ready to go.

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