Successful Coaching Websites: Why BELIEF is the secret to your website’s success

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The Life Coach's Tech Roadmap

The only 5 pieces of tech a coach needs to set up an online business without overwhelm.

5 simple website fixes to get more coaching clients

Five sure-fire ways to increase the number of clients you sign from your coaching website.

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It’s Jennie Lakenan, certified life coach & consultant for your web design strategy needs. Over the last handful of years I’ve designed dozens of websites for coaches. My mission is to get more coaching into the world and help elevate the quality of life of humans at large by delivering expert custom website design and strategy to coaches.

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The Life Coach's Tech Roadmap

The only 5 pieces of tech a coach needs to set up an online business without overwhelm.

5 simple website fixes to get more coaching clients

Five sure-fire ways to increase the number of clients you sign from your coaching website.

Alright, I’ve got my coaching hat on today! My SEO guy would have a fit about this post. It’s not keyword optimized at all because…well, this post is for you, my coach friends. Not for Google.

Keep reading to learn why BELIEF is the real secret to having a successful website.

We all want a successful website

That’s a given.

We want to HELP more people with our skills – in your case, your coaching skills.

I see it all the time. Coaches who see their peers achieve a ton of success with their website. And so they try to mimic what their peers have done.

But it doesn’t work for them. Why is that, when they’re doing exactly what other successful coaches have done?

Why doesn’t copying other coaches’ strategies always work for you, when they’ve had so much success with it?

Strategy isn’t enough. You have to BELIEVE.

This is the secret to a successful website strategy, my friends. BELIEF.

It shouldn’t surprise you.

It’s the secret to everything in life.

Actually, it’s just the way the world WORKS.

Because Circumstances –> Thoughts –> Feelings –> Actions –> Results

To have a successful website, you must practice belief first.

You can copy other people’s website strategies all day long.

But if you’re missing the key ingredient, then it’s not going to work for you.

For your website to really be successful, you’ve got to check what’s going on in your brain.

NOT on the web page.

You need to learn to THINK the way that other successful coaches think — or at least, find versions of success thoughts that work for you, that serve you in using the tool that is your website.

Here’s what you need to practice believing:

1) What I am offering is amazing and valuable.

This is the first area of belief to make sure is really cleaned up.

When I first started out as a web consultant for coaches, I struggled so much with communicating the value of my service.

You see, I still saw myself as a coach who was using websites to get to certification.

The result? No paying clients. For three months, I spun in a lot of inadequacy and making offers but not seeing any results.

It wasn’t until I changed my identity and embraced being a CONSULTANT instead of someone who was using consulting to get to coach training that everything changed.

Once I shifted to that consultant identity, I took myself way more seriously. I actually sat down and outlined my PROCESS for building a website.

I recognized my own value. And then the clients came, and it was easy to communicate my value.

Because I believed in it myself.

Do you believe in your ability to coach people and help them achieve real improvement in their lives?

Practicing belief in yourself is the first step to achieving success with a website.

2) There are people out there who want what I’m offering.

You might believe in yourself, but if you don’t believe there are people wanting your help, you aren’t going to get anywhere quickly.

You’ve got to believe that the people who want your help are out there. And that they want to pay you.

I used to think that no coach would ever spend more than $500 on a website. That belief SERIOUSLY limited me in my desire to grow my business.

I wanted to help coaches, but I also needed to believe it was going to be profitable and sustainable for me to sell my services.

Otherwise why go through all the effort and discomfort?

That was another belief I had to work on changing before I could sign my first paying client project.

You’ve got to BELIEVE that there are people out there who want what you offer, and who want to pay for it at the price that you set.

If you believe that there are people out there who want you to coach them, then your brain will go to work to help you find those people.

3) All of the resources I need to offer this are available to me.

This is the next belief you need to practice — and it’s where I find most coaches are stuck when it comes to building their first website.

They believe that they’re a good coach, and they believe that there are people out there who want their help.

But they feel overwhelmed with the tech and marketing.

They hear the words autoresponder and email list and page builder…and their brain shuts down.

If that’s where you’re at, you need to understand one thing.

You have everything you need.

If you’re reading this, you’re one of the luckiest people on the planet. You have access to the internet.

It might take some effort on your part to find the right resources to help you with your website.

But I promise, you can show your ideal client your value on your website in an amazing way.

ALL of the resources you need to build that website are out there, waiting for you to find them. Believe that they exist, and you will do the work to find them.

4) My website a valuable tool that can help me show my value.

This is the culminating belief, my friend.

Do you believe in your website’s ability to help you help more clients?

Do you practice that thought?

Because if you believe it, you know what you’ll do?

You’ll take action to prove it true.

You’ll take action to create a website that will become a valuable tool to show potential clients your value.

You will create that result for yourself.

I know this because I’ve seen my clients do it.

My client Natalie got a 10x return on her investment with me within the first EIGHT DAYS after her website launched.

She created that result for herself because, in the work we did together, she believed that her website was really going to help bring her that result.

When writing her copy and recording her videos, she took action that aligned with that belief.

And now she’s providing that much more value in the world. It’s such a beautiful thing.

What can you achieve with your website if you simply believe it’s possible, then take action accordingly?

Belief, my friends, is always the key.


P.S. The secret to a successful website strategy is belief.

Practice believing these things:

  1. What you offer is amazing and valuable.
  2. There are people out there who want what you offer.
  3. Your website is a powerful tool that can help you show them the value of your offer.
  4. All the resources you need are available to you.

It may just be that I am one of those resources to help you show the value of your offer on your website.

If you’d like my help to improve your website or build a new one, you can get started by sending me your project details here.

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