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SEO for Life Coaches | Does a life coach need an SEO strategy?

In this post, I’m going to share with you all about SEO for life coaches. You’ll understand when you might consider implementing an SEO strategy when you’re just starting out as a life coach. And you’ll also get some insight into when you might think about implementing a different digital strategy.

AND I’m going to give you a fantastic resource for learning all the SEO you’ll need to know as a beginner.

In case you’re wondering what SEO is…

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO, as it’s often abbreviated) basically means optimizing your website content so that it shows up higher on Google and other search engines.

It’s set up with a combination of website tweaks + search engine software + compelling content that you publish regularly on your website.

Here’s how this whole SEO-strategy-for-coaches conversation started.

I was chatting with one of my care plan clients recently, and she asked me, “Should I be trying to implement a better strategy so people can find me more easily on Google?”

Here’s what I told her:

It depends on your ideal client.

Does SEO for life coaches make sense?

In general, having an SEO strategy is a great idea for any website owner. It’s part of what makes a website useful.

BUT the thing is, it’s only one way to market yourself.

If your ideal client is looking for you on Google, meaning they NEED what you offer as a coach, then implementing an SEO strategy is an amazing way to market yourself. Potential clients are actively searching for your solution, and your website’s SEO will help them find it.

However, if people aren’t actively searching for your solution on Google, I don’t recommend SEO as your primary strategy. There are other digital strategies you can use first that will have a bigger impact on your business.

How do I know if people are searching on Google?

Simple. You’ve got to do the research to find out — or hire someone to do it for you. Google Trends is a good place to start if you want to find out if people are looking for your solution on Google.

There may be quicker ways to get your coach business ball rolling.

Here’s what I suggested to my client, and what I suggest to you:

Depending on your niche and budget, it may be best to not worry about SEO when you’re first starting out as a coach.

Facebook ads will be a better option over SEO for life coaches if your ideal client wants what you offer, but they aren’t yet aware of it.

That’s because with Facebook, you can interrupt them and introduce the idea of their life being better with your solution to their problem.

For most people, a coach isn’t something they’re Googling to find. Instead, use Facebook ads to grab their attention with interruption marketing and present the idea of your solution.

If SEO is right for you as a coach…

With a little research, you can understand your niche and the kinds of places they’re hanging out and searching for help.

If you know your ideal client is searching on Google for help, investing in quality SEO for life coaches will be an additional source of leads to your website.

If you’re a teen coach, for example, and you know that there are parents out there Googling “teen life coach” because they NEED to find someone to help their teen…

Then you should definitely invest in some good SEO work. I work with life coaches everyday, and SEO is included in many of my projects. If you’re ready to implement a targeted SEO strategy, you can send me your project details here.

What if I need SEO, but I don’t have the budget to hire someone?

If you don’t have the budget, be prepared to invest the time. I have a fantastic resource on SEO for life coaches. This beginner’s guide will teach you everything you need to know to implement a serious SEO strategy:

It has 7 chapters and dozens of resources throughout. Set aside a half a day to study through it all, and you’ll have the knowledge to start implementing a great SEO strategy on your website.

Hope this was helpful.


P.S. SEO for life coaches makes sense if your ideal client needs your solution and is actively looking for it on Google.

If they want it, but aren’t looking for it, Facebook ads are a better option.

Ready for SEO? I work with coaches on their SEO every day. You can send me your project details here.

Or, if you’d rather invest your time, you can follow a beginner’s guide, here.

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