When should a coach set up an SEO strategy?

When should a coach set up an SEO strategy?

In this post, I’m going to share with you why I don’t think you need an SEO strategy when you’re just starting out as a coach.

AND I’m going to give you a fantastic resource for learning all the SEO you’ll need to know as a beginner (once you get to that point).

In case you’re wondering what SEO is…

Search engine optimization (or SEO, as it’s often abbreviated) basically means optimizing your website content so that it shows up higher on Google and other search engines.

It’s set up with a combination of website tweaks + search engine software + compelling content that you publish regularly on your website.

Here’s how this whole SEO-strategy-for-coaches conversation started.

I was chatting with one of my care plan clients recently, and she asked me, “Should I be trying to implement a better strategy so people can find me more easily on Google?”

Here’s what I told her:

Having an SEO strategy is a great idea. It’s part of what makes a website useful.

BUT the thing is, it’s only one way to market yourself.

And a good SEO strategy as a coach takes TIME to build up with the compelling content that will serve as its foundation.

There are other digital strategies you can use first that will have a bigger impact on your business.

There are quicker ways to get your coach business ball rolling.

Here’s what I suggested to my client, and what I suggest to you:

Don’t worry about SEO when you’re first starting out as a coach.

Go ahead and get something basic set up for now if you want to via a free service like Yoast, but don’t put a lot of your energy there.

Instead, just start making offers. Start giving with some freebies. Nurture the leads that come in.

Be YOU, talk about what you do to everyone you know and meet. Ask them if they want a free mini session.

And, if you’re a coach through The Life Coach School, build up a digital advertising strategy from what you’re learning there.

You know, Facebook ads and webinars. Russell Brunson kind of stuff.

Implement a word of mouth and digital advertising strategy BEFORE you focus heavily on SEO.

I’d argue that those things are going to make a much QUICKER impact on your business than a search engine strategy.

BUT when you are ready for a solid coach SEO strategy, here’s a resource.

For when you ARE ready to implement an SEO strategy, I have a fantastic resource for you. Just go ahead and “bookmark” this page to return to in the future if you’re just getting your coaching business ball rolling.

Amazing SEO guides are readily available on Google, so it seemed silly to reinvent the wheel and write one myself.

Instead, I’ll point you to this beginner’s guide that teaches you everything you could want to know once you start implementing a serious SEO strategy:


It has 7 chapters and dozens of resources throughout. Set aside a half a day to study through it all, once you’re ready, and you’ll be starting off with a great SEO foundation!

Hope this was helpful.


P.S. Don’t worry too much about search engine optimization at first in your coaching business.

Make offers.

Go with digital advertising.

THEN study up on SEO.