How to know when you’re ready to save valuable time and outsource your website care

How to know when you’re ready to save valuable time and outsource your website care

Okay, I know in my last post I promised you more on autoresponder specifics this week. Read that post to understand how autoresponders can help you welcome new email list subscribers.

But I’m going to delay the follow-up to that article because I have a couple of projects that are wrapping up. That means I’m talking with those clients about website care plans. I thought some of you might have questions about when to think about outsourcing website care, too.

First, let’s make one thing very clear. Website care plans are not right for everyone who owns a website. But I’ll get into that in a minute. First, I want you to understand what website care is and why it’s important.

What is website care?

Website care basically means keeping your website up to date with regular software, backups, security, and content changes. Technology evolves extremely fast. Marketing techniques change even faster. That’s good news for you, online entrepreneur. It makes it easier and more effective for you to reach potential clients and attract them to your offering.

The downside is two-fold. First, that means you need to stay on top of your website so it’s updated behind-the-scenes to keep up with all of those changes. That’s the first part of website care.

Second, keeping your website content really targeted is crucial for you to keep getting your message out there. More people are online than in any other setting, and that represents a huge potential customer base. Evolving your website content to keep up with that audience is also part of regular care.

Why I offer website care

I genuinely care about my clients and want to help them value their time. That means allowing them to free more time up so they can spend it on their true passion.

But I also don’t think website care is going to be right for everyone. Next, I’m going to explain how to know when you’re ready to outsource your website care.

Website care isn’t right for you if…

If your website isn’t a huge part of your business, I don’t recommend outsourcing its care. I have a friend who is a massage therapist. She’s located here in Kansas City, where I live, and markets to this geographical area.

The other day I was talking with her about what I do. She pulled up her website and asked me what I thought of it. She built it herself on Wix when she first started her business three years ago.

She mentioned that sometimes potential clients go there to check out her practice or make payments. But mostly they just contact her directly. Her implied question was, “Is my current method good enough? Should I have someone like you helping me with it?”

Here’s the thing. This intelligent woman is massively successful. She’s an oversubscribed massage therapist with hundreds of clients on her list. I told her, “No way should you pay for extra website help. What you have is perfect for you. You don’t need anymore.”

As a local massage therapist, she doesn’t get much lead traction through her website. She could if she wanted to, sure, but she doesn’t need to. She’s already got more people interested in her than she can possibly serve, even after recently raising her rates.

If you’re in the same boat, where your website isn’t a huge part of your business, then I don’t think you need help with website care. Keeping up with the evolving software and marketing strategy doesn’t need to be a critical part of your valuable time and energy, and what you do need you can probably take care of just fine on your own.

Outsourcing website care is crucial for you if…

You need to be regularly caring for your website if you’re getting regular traffic, emails, and income from your website. That means regular software updates, content changes, marketing strategy, the works. You’re probably on board with that.

Now, the big question is should you outsource that website care? If you’re tech-savvy and good at Googling tech-related questions, you might be able to handle a lot of it yourself. But at what cost?

Here’s the thing: you’ve got to be able to get a return on the investment of paying someone else to do website care for you. So how valuable is your time to you?

Keeping your website updated, backed up, secure, plus regular content changes…all these tasks can be time-consuming and tedious. It takes you away from what you really love doing, which is building relationships with your current and potential clients. Website technology is always evolving and, personally, I don’t think it’s a wise use of your time to keep on top of all the trends and developments.

In short, if you have big business and income goals, if you’re planning to buy ads to drive visitors to your website, if you’re going to spend your valuable time creating website content, then it’s definitely worth your time and money to outsource your website care.

what about website care through my host?

You could opt for relatively inexpensive care options through your hosting company. They do it for thousands of customers every day. That means they’re experienced. It also means they might not be paying attention to the finer details of your particular website and business needs. And they won’t help you with content and strategy, either.

I recommend my care plans to my clients because, if they’re working with me, their business is likely of the caliber that they need them. I know their website intimately. I built it or have at least worked on it. I know every line of code and all of the variables and combinations of things that hang together to make it work.

I also know the software their website is built on very well. All of my websites (including this one) are built on the same software. That means I’m in the best position to keep their website up and running and open for business 24/7. I do that with one of my care plans.

If you’re investing in a care plan, I recommend finding someone who can add more value than simple backups and security. Find someone you trust who can help you with strategy and content as well.

How much should I invest in a care plan?

Care plan cost varies greatly depending on the developer or company. I’ve seen care plans priced all the way from $10 to $1000 and beyond. Of course, the higher priced plans have much more value added than just routine backups and security (consulting, unlimited website changes, etc).

How much you should invest depends on your particular website and business needs and revenue. As a case study, read this article by Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income to hear about his experience losing income when his website went down for an entire week. He estimates he lost nearly $12,000.

What investment would it have been worth for someone like him to make so they could save themselves from losing that amount of money? Only you can decide that.

Now you know what website care is and when to think about outsourcing it to a pro. I hope this post was helpful! I’d love to hear in the comments – are you thinking about outsourcing website care? Or are you a tech-savvy DIYer?

P.S. Website care means making regular updates to software and content so you know you’re staying on track with your ideal client base.

If your website isn’t a big part of your business and marketing strategy, then I don’t recommend you outsource website care.

But if you have big business and income goals that involve your website, then it’s definitely worth your time and money to outsource your website care.

Care plans vary in cost. Only you can decide what investment is right for your situation.

P.P.S. Oh, and if you’re interested in checking out my care plan packages, you can find more info about them and request one right here.


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