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Where to host your coaching website so it’ll always be up and available for your people to use

MARCH 2019 UPDATE: The links to my preferred host in this article are now affiliate. But just know, I wrote every word here before I ever got paid a penny to do it.

If you buy through one of these links, I get some hot chocolate money. Thanks for that!

In this article, you’ll learn the best hosting platform for your coaching website so you can know it’ll be up and available for people to use.

So you’re ready to build your coaching website.

Or if you’re hiring someone to build it for you, they’re ready to upload the finished product and go live.

But you need to pick a host, and you aren’t even sure exactly how hosting works, let alone which know which hosting company you should go with.

Read on and by the end of this article, you’ll know exactly what website hosting is, which host is the best option for a coaching website, and why you might be wary of “cheap” hosting plans.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is kind of like hosting for a party. Specifically a bridal or baby shower. You see, for a shower, the “host” is generally not the one who’s being celebrated at the party.

The host is usually a family member or good friend who takes care of the location details so that the bride or new mom can be treated and focus on interacting with guests.

That’s how web hosting works. The hosting company is a third party that takes care of the hardware and software technology of hosting their customers’ website party so they can focus on their website visitors.

What’s the best host for a coaching website?

 I always recommend Siteground to my coaching clients.

And here’s why:

Siteground hosted websites are fast.

 Slow websites kill engagement.

In fact, empirical data shows that a 1-second delay in website load time results in 7% reduction in conversion rate, i.e. the number of people that actually take action and sign up for your email list or contact you to ask about a mini-coaching session.

Not only do slow websites kill engagement, but they also result in lower SEO rankings from search engines like Google and Bing. Google specifically says that website speed is one of the factors they take into account in their rankings.

Siteground is engineered for page speed, using technology like super-caching and constant updates so their customer’s websites always load quickly. Here’s one graph of a developer’s page speed after he switched to Siteground from another host.

Siteground page speed graph
From Tom with OnlineMediaMasters.com


The proof is in the pudding.

Siteground has great customer service.

Even with a solid host, good customer service is super important because things are going to happen with your website behind the scenes. Hardware will fail in a data center somewhere and your website will go down. Neither you nor the host can help that equipment breaks from time to time.

So, in the case of equipment malfunction or some other issue, with Siteground you can call them up and be at ease knowing it won’t take you all day to have it taken care of.

To read more evidence of Siteground’s customer service, this article amassed huge social proof from social media of just how amazingly well they take care of their customers.

With Siteground, your downtime is basically nothing.

By downtime, I mean the amount of time that your website is offline. Like when you go to Amazon or Netflix and they give you this sad warning:

amazon is down webpage

Giants like Amazon lose hundreds of thousands of dollars for every minute their website is down. Your website may not be on this scale, but the point is there. Downtime equals lost income.

The great thing is Siteground guarantees a 99.99% uptime rate for their hosting clients.

And I personally know pf users who have been with Siteground for years and experienced only one or two instances of downtime over that period. That’s amazingly impressive.

With Siteground, you can have the confidence that your website will be up and you’ll have reliability in your website as a revenue tool.

Siteground takes website security seriously.

Siteground’s hosting plans include firewall features that you have to pay for with cheap hosts.

I’ve worked with clients whose websites were on other unnamed cheaper hosts. They reported issues with hacking and even website redirects to sketchy pharmaceutical companies (no bueno). They ended up needing to buy extra security measures from their host to protect their website from these attacks.

Of course, no website is completely secure and sometimes things happen, but with Siteground you can be confident you’re getting premium security features without needing to pay extra.

Siteground is officially recommended by WordPress.

If you check out WordPress’s website, they mark Siteground as one of the best hosting companies out there.

This is because Siteground is specifically engineered to work well with WordPress. It just gives another level of confidence knowing that this particular hosting company is well-respected by industry experts.

Siteground is still reasonably priced.

The monthly cost for Siteground starts at around $12 for their lowest tier WordPress-optimized plan (though all of their plans are compatible with WordPress). They’ll also give 60% off for the first year you’re with them.

Though I consider them a “premium” provider, that price is still super reasonable for the quality of experience and service you get.

And even more reasonable when you consider the return on investment potential of your website!

If you aren’t convinced by these points yet, see ReviewSignal for more in-depth comparison and see how Siteground holds up against other hosting companies.

Cheapest or Premium?

You might be thinking, “Yeah, but I have a budget to stick to, and there are cheaper options out there for hosting my coaching website.”

And you’re right! Cheap hosting abounds. While researching for this article I found out that there are even hosting options as low as $1 a month! That might seem like a chunk of savings when you consider $1 vs. $12+ per month from Siteground.

Cheap hosting definitely has its benefits (namely that it’s cheap), and you might be tempted to opt for the lowest priced option. But I always recommend premium hosting to my clients, and I recommend Siteground for the hosting company.

Why go premium

Cheap website hosting isn’t actually cheap when you consider the long-run impact on your business and brand. I don’t recommend anyone except Siteground because I know if you go with them your website will be fast and up and available for people to use.

If you start getting a lot of traffic and traction, the service will scale and you won’t have to worry about issues with speed, downtime, or security.

And if issues DO come up, they’ll help you out quickly and you won’t waste your time with endless customer service calls. Plus It’s built to work with WordPress and it’s still reasonably priced!

I hope that was helpful!


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